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Restaurant des Canards offers many events for it's customers. Between Quizzes, Karaoke and live music there are many dates to choose from.

While we offer events all throughout the year, our busiest time for events is in late July/early August.

Pricing for all events differs, partly due to the nature of the event itself and the menu. Sometimes, desert is included in the price other times it isn't. This is usually specified in the event poster or  at the event itself.

ALL EVENTS require PRE-BOOKING to attend, as the kitchen only makes a limited amount of food.

We do our best here, at Restaurant Des Canards to provide you with entertainment and a good customer experience. If you have had a good experience with us, please feel free to post about it on social media and leave us a review.

If you are interested in an event, it's menu or the pricing please let us know at the phone number provided below:
+33 549297346

We hope you have a nice meal here with us, and enjoy our events.

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